U-Zip-It Anti Exposure Suit

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SWITLIK's U-Zip-It is the more ergonomically designed and comfortable anti-exposure suit on the market. The U-Zip-It™ Anti-Exposure Dry Suit is a breathable, fire resistant dry suit that was originally design for the US Coast Guard, and is now available for all aviators. The low slung U shaped zipper design on the U-Zip-It™ suit makes donning easier than standard designs and allows the user to make any necessary movement with zero interference with the zipper. The tested design drastically increases survivability rates in the case of ditching or water rescue with the highest level of cold water immersion protection. Each suit is custom tailored to fit you perfectly. This includes measurements of chest size, hip, sitting inseam, sleeve length, and neck size. In addition each suit comes with installed CWU-75P stretch PTFE breathable laminate socks that keep your feet dry and are easy to slip into any footwear.

Each suit is custom built to order so that your suit fits you just right. Some generic sizing available for group purchases. Please CALL FOR QUOTE. 

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Please Note: Prices and shipping/handling charges subject to change without notice. For delivery outside the Continental US (including Alaska & Hawaii), please call 609-587-3300 or email sales@switlik.com to place your order.

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