Flotation Collar - Life Preserver



FAA Approved Flotation for Lift & Fall Harnesses.

The flotation collar is the perfect way to add FAA-approved flotation to your over-water lifting operations. Lacing flaps attach the collar to harness and it becomes an extension of the unit without adding additional bulk.

Ideal for helicopter operators performing Human External Cargo operations:

  • High-tension electric line inspection and maintenance
  • Helicopter-aided construction
  • Wind farm maintenance
  • Firefighting and Police

**The Harness pictured here is for display purposes only, it is not for sale by SWITLIK.**

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Please Note: Prices and shipping/handling charges subject to change without notice. For delivery outside the Continental US (including Alaska & Hawaii), please call 609-587-3300 or email sales@switlik.com to place your order.

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